This Is Enough

In my first time trying to write a post in English, I wished to write about a beautiful thing or a happy thing something like “Hope” ... But sadly in this special period of my life I'm very sad for myself and for my future “My unknown future” ... Maybe I have been sad for a long time by now, and maybe that sadness has affected me very much, and I can make sure that it has changed me forever

Everyone naturally passes in many changeable cases in his\her life some of it are happy times, some are sad and the rest doesn't change a lot … Everyone must change to stay along with his\her life, people and the situation of all things around him\her

I’m writing now to describe my sad situation if I can, I'm writing also because I had enough pain of Love, I’m writing because of deprivation and loneliest especially in this time … All of that at the same time maybe I've never been in love before that is true but it isn’t a big problem anymore it just like to be without your special friends right beside you, to be alone helpless it is very easy to be by these strange days in my short life but there is always a problem come from all of that this problem uncontrollable and not to be ignored … It is The Longing

The Longing is killing me now … I longed for many days in my previous life, some days with my family and my cousins “these days will never return”, other days with my friends and my girlfriends I longed for you all and we’ll be forever best friends ... The Longing in my view is the hardest feeling for the human being, it's very hard to feel lonely or unloved it's hard to be in longing all the time too

There is always something we call it "Hope" something strong enough to kill the sadness and let you feel alive again ... Maybe some of you will say I'm crazy because my "Hope" is just a Book ... Really it isn't just a book it is the secret of life, this book is very special and unique beside it affected on me very well and I'm now out of stupid ideas, sad things, bad feelings and hurts ... Finally, I'll face the life, the people and the problems strongly, I'll never take a step backward I'll always go forward

This book is useful for everyone in everywhere, Of course I wont write about it in this post ... I'll change my life and my thinking also, because what you are thinking it is what really happened to you in your life ... When you keep thinking about something and we always think about many bad thing or our affairs, the world make your thinking real in your life ... So keep thinking about your wishes and live it in your imagination and it'll become real 

Finally, I got "Light" to light up darkness ... And I wish this beautiful and wonderful "Light" to stay beside me forever, This "Light" has been for many years in my life and I finally found it and I'll keep holding it and I'll never give it up ... What I want from life now is that "Light" and this little secret and I'll be grateful